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With Pay Later Flights, you can now experience the most of your dream destination even if you don’t have the money right now. Using a book now pay later payment plan, you can pay for your flights and hotels over time with no down payment required1, and easy monthly payments. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of booking now, and paying later with peace of mind.



With Pay Later Flights you can save upfront on your travel budget. Our partners offer various payment options, allowing you to find the best payment plan for your budget. Visit places around the world and make fixed monthly payments over time – it’s that easy!

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Affordable Travel

At Pay Later Flights, we make it easier than ever for travelers to book all their holiday and travel needs, from flights to hotels, in one place and without stretching their finances.

Simple Payment Plans

We feature payment plans that are designed to make sure that you can enjoy your holiday without over drafting your account or stressing about your budget.

Peace of Mind

We take the hassle out of booking flights and hotels by providing a one-stop shop for all your needs. All you need to do is pick where you want to go and checkout!


Fly Now, Pay Later.

We made it so that nearly anyone can buy airline tickets, hotel room reservations, and vacation packages with a fixed monthly payments. Save money upfront and pay for your trip with convenient monthly payments.

Our flight booking search tool makes it easy for you to find the plane tickets that work for you. Once you find the airline ticket and/or hotel you want, simply select a payment method like PayPal Credit, Affirm Loans, UOwn Leasing, or other payment options, and complete the application process. If you are approved, you’ll be able to pay monthly installments instead of paying the full ticket price upfront!

Why Pay Later Flights?

Pay Later Flights is the ideal choice for travelers who want to buy flights and hotels without paying the full cost upfront. With our flexible payment options, you can get the vacation of your dreams with a manageable monthly payment plan that fits your budget!

Favorite Destinations

We love traveling the world and discovering unique places to visit. Whether it’s a beach getaway or an adventure in the mountains, there’s something out there for everyone! Here are some of the best places to go around the globe:

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Tokyo, Japan

Discover unforgettable sights and attractions in bustling Tokyo, Japan. Plan ahead and learn about the must-see experiences for your trip.

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Travel to Dubai, U.A.E.

Dubai, U.A.E.

Explore Dubai, with luxury shopping, dining, stunning beaches, and incredible attractions including world-renowned architecture and panoramic city views!

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Book Your Next Trip to Santorini, Greece with Pay Later Flights

Santorini, Greece

Discover the beauty of Santorini, Greece, with its stunning views, picturesque villages, and vibrant nightlife. Fira’s cobblestoned streets offer visitors endless activities! 

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Fly Now, Pay Later!

At Pay Later Flights, we make it easy to take off and explore the world. With our “fly now, pay later” philosophy, you can book your dream trip today and pay for it with installment payments over time. Choose from hundreds of airports around the globe in addition to comparing multiple airlines, and enjoy low-cost fares with airlines like American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, Southwest, and more! Save money so you afford to add car rental bookings to your trip. Plus, we offer 24/7 customer support to ensure your travel plans go smoothly and you arrive safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Later Flights allows you to book your flight today and conveniently spread the cost over time. You’ll be able to pay for your ticket in easy installments with no hidden fees. We know there are many discount and savings claims out there, but we strive to make booking a vacation easier than paying one down payment at once. But please consider that if you are to miss a payment there may be late fees, so keep your payment dates in mind and read the details of each of your pay later option.

We accept most major credit cards and PayPal. We also offer flexible financing options with companies like Klarna and Affirm. Enjoy our air bookings, maximum savings you’ll likely not find anywhere else.

No, you don’t need a credit card. You can use a debit card, prepaid card, bank account, PayPal account, or Klarna when booking your flights with us.

Yes! At Pay Later Flights, we make it easy to spread the cost of your ticket over time. Choose from a variety of payment plans, and enjoy flexible payments with no hidden fees or interest charges. Our “fly now pay later” option is a great way to start planning your dream trip today! We want your thoughtful purchases to be easy on your pocket, giving you hotel bookings, maximum savings possible, that can be paid off over time. Save money today and buy flight tickets with Pay Later Flights!

At Pay Later Flights, you can purchase your ticket now and pay for it in installments. We offer a variety of payment plans to fit any budget, so you can book your dream trip without stressing your budget. Take advantage of our discount and savings opportunities! Our “fly now pay later” option is a great way to get started! No longer worry about getting something like a American Airlines credit card to pay off your flights.

Payment at Pay Later Flights works in several different ways, depending on the partner and plan you choose. Some may use an electronic bank transfer (like an ACH), while others may use your debit or credit card, and there may be variations in late fees if a payment is missed, so pay attention to your payment dates.

The payment provider options we work with may perform a credit check, however, this varies greatly from partner to partner. Some providers may require a check of your credit, while others may not. Usually, if a check of your credit is performed though it is a “soft credit check” which means it will not affect your credit score or show up on your credit report. No longer worry credit card debt will stand in your way of traveling.

Please note that any payment options featured on our site may have their own set of restrictions. Please read the terms and conditions before making any payments with Pay Later Flights.

Depending on which payment method you choose, some providers may require a minimum interest charge. This is usually reflected in the total cost of your flight, so make sure to read all details before agreeing to anything. We always recommend that customers compare different payment providers and pay close attention to any fees, late fees, minimum payments, or charges associated with their chosen method to get the best deal on their airline tickets.

1 Multiple payment options and financing offers may be available at checkout. Applications for financing are subject to eligibility, credit approval, state residency restrictions, and other qualifications. Not everyone is eligible for a payment plan. Please see the financing agreement for specific information including total cost, payment amounts, payment schedule, annual fee, interest rates, and other details.


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